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  • What is . . .'Groupthink'? - Have you ever experienced this at work? You are sitting in a meeting with colleagues, and everyone is talking mindless drivel. The biggest culprit is your boss, who is excelling, even by his enviably high standards, at his own master forte — spouting unadulterated garbage in an extremely self-confident manner - 1st October 2005
  • What is . . . 'boiling frog syndrome'? - At the aunnual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, a panel of distinguished experts told international corporations that they were suffering from boiling frog syndrome. “Businesses are failing,” one participant argued. “There is not enough contingency planning and post-event planning.” - 26th March 2005
  • What is...rightshoring? - Fashion exerts a powerful influence in the business world. Add a superficially attractive idea to a suitably modish buzzword and, before you know it, you have a bandwagon careering forwards at breakneck speed. It is only after the first heady rush of enthusiasm that careful stock is taken - 5th March 2005
  • What is . . . Failing Forward? - “Forward” is a particularly popular word in the business world. It implies an energetic and positive attitude towards the future, and aims to engender the confidence of customers, shareholders or employees. Thus the everyday and neutral phrase “from now on” was translated into the more upbeat “going forward”, as in “Going forward, we intend to focus on our core competencies.” - 26th February 2005
  • What is . . . Pushback? - STUART ROSE admits that he was initially often in a state of utter bewilderment when he took over last year as chief executive of Marks & Spencer: “Everybody referred to ‘stakeholders’ and ‘pushback’. Our approach to Christmas was going to be ‘holistic’. I didn’t understand a word anybody said.” - 5th February 2005

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  • What's that stench in your office? Inertia - NEXT Tuesday, a French woman named Corinne Maier is to be accused by her company’s disciplinary board of committing the worst possible sin in corporate life — telling the truth. It is the truth that many large organisations, private or public, are hugely inefficient, bedevilled by politics, sycophancy and abysmal management and plagued by crippling boredom. Anyone who sincerely wishes for the flourishing of our economic system will hope that this woman is not only allowed to stay on in her job but that she is also given some sort of award by the governments of the G8 - 14th August 2004
  • Here we go, pursuing the typical English way of life - The pageant of national denial is under way again. Phrases such as “decent football fans” and “this isn’t just an English problem” are already being bandied about by experts and by the man in the street on radio phone-ins. They are all participating in the long-running and harmful suppression of the painful truth. Here it is — English social culture is drunken and violent - The Thunderer, 10th June 2004

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